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If you haven't been in a school recently, you might be surprised at the variety of programs that are available. Neighborhood schools offer an astounding range of academic offerings and services. In fact, no two schools are alike. Each offers a diverse menu of opportunities for students, parents and the community.

You'll find a school that emphasizes the performing and visual arts, another that focuses on international studies, and others that emphasize the use of technology. Some have incorporated the ideals of good citizenship into their daily curriculum. Others require daily two-hour literacy blocks. Some schools have created multi-age classrooms, where students benefit from staying with the same teacher for two years. Others have created a school-within-a-school environment, which provides the nurturing feel of a small school. A growing number of schools have reworked their calendar to shorten the summer break.

In Denver Public Schools, one size fits all is definitely not the case. Neighborhood schools are constantly adapting and reshaping to meet the unique needs of their community. Choosing the best school for your child requires matching your child's needs and your expectations to the choices available, and the best place to start is your neighborhood school. Stop by to see what your school has to offer.

Smedley Elementary
Smedley Elementary – 100 Years Old

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